ISIS threatens Ronaldo in World Cup poster

Security at a global event the scope of the World Cup is always a challenging task, but for the 2018 tournament, to be held in eleven cities across Russia, security for spectators and players alike will have to be tougher than ever.


Terror group ISIS has been distributed gruesome posters threatening the World Cup tournament and specific players via the WAFA Media Foundation, which supports the jihadists and their cause.

One poster showed Argentina star Lionel Messi appearing to be dead on the ground, next to Brazilian player Neymar who knelt beside the body.

We are waiting

Now a third poster has surfaced, this time depicting Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. The image shows the 2018 World Cup logo torn in half, with the caption: “Our words are what you see not what you hear. So just you wait, we are waiting too.”

ISIS has also previously published an image of a fighter with a rifle and a bomb and its own black flag in front of a football stadium.


Argentine FA president Claudio Tapia is not taking the threat lightly. Ahead of plans to travel to Russia in November to play the World Cup hosts and Nigeria, Tapia met with the Russian ambassador in Argentina to discuss the team’s security arrangements.

Tapia is reportedly also working together with Russian diplomats to organize additional security at Moscow’s Bronnitsy Training Centre, which will host the Argentine team during the World Cup.