Footage shows police arresting man with suicide bomb plans

Mubashir Jamil

The Metropolitan police in London released footage of the arrest of a man that considered a suicide bomb attack in the UK. He also planned to travel to Syria. The man, named Mubashir Jamil (08.01.95), of Luton, was arrested April 27, 2016. Today he has been found guilty of terrorism offences after planning to fight with Daesh in Syria.

The Old Bailey heard that between November 2015 and April 2016, Jamil sent numerous online messages to people he believed could help him in his endeavours, including a covert police officer.

Jamil told the officer about his dreams of travelling to Syria to fight for Daesh and his intention to get fit ahead of his journey. He bought a punchbag and pull-up bar but told the covert officer he was cautious of drawing attention to his fitness programme and had bought a football to play with “so it’s less suspicious”.

Before deciding to travel to Syria, Jamil considered other options, including carrying out a suicide bomb attack. He talked of wanting to see attacks similar to those in Belgium and Paris. In one message, he wrote: “I am saying if you guys can send me someone quickly, and he fits a explosive [sic] belt on me and tells me how to press, I can go find good targets on the same day and press it.”

But Jamil decided to pursue his plans to fight in Syria instead. On Saturday, 9 April he booked a ticket to fly to Turkey on Saturday, 30 April. However, officers arrested him on Wednesday, 27 April before he could travel out.

They seized his iPhone and two laptops from his home; these featured pro-Daesh documents including “How to survive in the West – A mujahid guide” and “The Islamic State 2015”, as well as a copy of his flight tickets.

They also seized approximately £1,000 cash – found in his bedroom – under the Police And Criminal Evidence Act.

Below the footage of the arrest of Jamil.