Breaking: ISIS claims bomb attack near US embassy in Kabul

Afghan officials report at least three have died following an ISIS suicide attack earlier today in the capital city of Kabul.

The bomb attack took place about 500 meters from the American Embassy in Kabul. The area is the location of many other foreign embassies and government agencies.

Body count

Despite the report of three dead, a Reuters television team counted eight people who appeared to have been killed, besides several wounded at the scene. All the casualties appeared to be Afghan civilians, according to reports.

Wahid Mujro, spokesman for the Health Ministry, claims 15 people were wounded in the explosion. Other reports indicated there are 13 dead and 13 injured.

Green zone

The attack is the first in the capital’s so-called Green Zone since May 31, when a truck bomb exploded, killing over 150 and injuring 413.

“Our initial information shows the suicide attacker was on a motorcycle,” defence ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri told AFP. “He made it through the first checkpoint but was stopped at the second checkpoint and detonated.”

The target is unclear. “We don’t know the target but it happened a few meters from the defence ministry’s foreign relations office,” Waziri says. “No casualties to our personnel.”