ISIS sent bomb parts to Australia

A senior ISIS commander managed to send components of a powerful bomb to two supporters in Sydney, Australia, which were intended to be used to blow up a plane and cause massive casualties. The military-grade explosive arrived in Sydney undetected, Australian police say. The terrorism conspiracy that police cracked open last week served as a chilling example of how ISIS uses supporters as puppets to carry out attacks in countries around the world.

During a press conference, Michael Phelan–a deputy commissioner of the Australian Federal Police–told reporters the target of the bombing was an Etihad Airways plane heading for the Middle East. The ISIS operative sent components of the improvised explosive device (IED) to Australia from Turkey, via air cargo.

The men communicated through encrypted channels while planning their attack. One of the men brought the explosive device to Sydney airport on July 15, but the attempt was aborted before they reached security. After the men failed, they were directed by their Syrian accomplice to construct a second “chemical dispersal” bomb. This gas attack would have taken place in a confined space. Police did not say exactly where and when this plan would have been carried out.


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