Car drives into French pizzeria

Update Aug-15 09:45 GMT According to the French public prosecutor, the attack is ‘likely not terrorism’.

A BMW had deliberately been driven into a terrace of a pizzeria in Sept-Sorts, a village 60 km east of Paris. According to unconfirmed sources at least one person was killed, five were wounded. The victim is said to be a 12 year old child. French police confirm an ongoing operation in Sept-Sorts and has asked the public to keep distance. It’s still unclear if this is a terrorist attack.

A suspect has been arrested. Detectives from Paris have arrived at the scene to investigate the matter, but the anti-terrorism squads have not been deployed to the crime scene. First results of the investigations show that the driver didn’t attempt to use his breaks. TV-station France 2 reports that the suspect attempted to commit suicide a couple of days ago.

This is a developing story….

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